Gruey - Ebook

Gruey by Martin Riley - from the BBC TV series

Stephen Grucock, alias Gruey, believes:that even a blob like Wooly can win races; that Quidsy's brains are in her pigtails; that one day he will grind Slaphead Nidgey into the dust; and that anyone with the right attitude can swim through porridge with wellies on.
His dad believes:that Gruey was dumped on them by extra- terrestrials to sabotage the earth.
The extra-terrestrials deny responsibility . . .
Gruey is based on Martin Riley's popular 1980's BBC tv series.


Thursday was athletics afternoon, and Gruey had been sounding off in the changing room about how anyone could be good at sport.
"It's all down to having the right attitude. If you got yer attitude right you could jump over Blackpool Tower, you could run faster than Superman's whippet, you could swim through porridge with wellies on!"


The best television show ever.
18 August 2000 | by matthew_t_carr 

Back in 1988 the world was a better place, thanks mainly to this fine kids' television program. It followed the adventures of Stephen "Gruey" Grucock, his friends Wooly and Quidsy, and the evil Nidgey- his sworn enemy. Although it must surely be impossible to see this show ever again, take the chance if you get it- it just might change your life.